Project Management

Essential Skills for Managing Projects

About the Workshop

This comprehensive course covers the broad range of skills needed to plan and manage projects of all types and sizes. Essential Skills for Managing Projects is ideal for introducing new project managers to the discipline. It is also perfect for experienced project managers looking to further expand their skills sets. Participants benefit by learning through application of the methodology in an interactive environment. They utilize project management techniques, as a team, during a case-study-based exercise focused on one of three specific areas:

Community Leadership Development - CLD
A generic case study designed to introduce the concepts and processes centered on a volunteer organization starting and completing a leadership development project.

Information Technology - IT
This case study is oriented to the development of an e-commerce website being designed by an independent consulting company for a client's use in improving customer relationship management.

New Product Development – NPD
Centered on the research and development community, this case study uses topical issues involved in developing a new product with multi-disciplined teams.

As an option, teams and/or individuals may work on their own, real-world projects while learning a team-based, participative approach to project management.

Course Goal
In this course, participants learn a simple yet powerful method to organize, plan, and manage projects from beginning to end, using Knowledge Areas and principles aligned with the 4th edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). TGTG CORE Project Management™ Method can be immediately applied to real projects, without translation or interpretation, using proven techniques to efficiently and effectively define project plans and progress.

What You Will Learn

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use collaborative techniques with the project team
  • Create ground rules for effective meetings & working with virtual teams
  • Create a project charter
  • Define the scope of the project, project deliverables and acceptance criteria
  • Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) with clear accountability
  • Verify team members have the right skills for the project
  • Develop deliverables (interdependent) & milestone schedules
  • Create a project budget & project effort estimate
  • Assess risk and develop responses to reduce risk in a fun, credible, and creative way
  • Manage project change management to prevent scope creep
  • Develop a project quality plan
  • Evaluate meetings in 5 minutes or less
  • Develop a project communications plan
  • Monitor project progress and issue project status reports
  • Closeout the project

Course Overview

  • Introduction
    • Overview and Key Terms
    • Ground Rules
    • PM Process Overview
  • Module 1 – Initiation; Project Management Overview & The Charter
    • Project vs Operations
    • Charter
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Brainstorming
    • Project Problems
    • PM Process Overview
  • Module 2 – Planning: Working with the Team
    • Kickoff Meeting
    • Parking Lot
    • Issues List
  • Module 3 – Planning: Project Scope
    • Scope Description
    • SMART Acceptance Criteria
    • Deliverables Table
    • Interim Deliverables
    • Project Boundaries Analysis
    • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Module 4 – Planning: Project Risk
    • Project Risk Definitions
    • Project Risk Analysis - Scope, Schedule, Cost
    • Advanced Project Risk Analysis
  • Module 5 – Planning: Team Membership
    • Team Membership Analysis
  • Module 6 – Planning: Scheduling
    • Project Schedule Definitions
    • Milestone Schedule
    • Deliverables Schedule
    • Schedule Risk Analysis
    • Contingency
    • Quality Plan
    • Scheduling Software
  • Module 7 – Planning: Effort and Cost
    • Effort Estimate
    • Cost Estimate
    • Procurement Plan
    • Communication Plan
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Project Change Management
    • Assemble the Plan
    • Project Management Plan / Leadership Summary
    • Project Planning Checklist
  • Module 8 – Execution
    • Project Team Meetings
    • Project Status Report
    • Meeting Evaluation
    • Customer Sponsor Review Meting
  • Module 9 – Closeout
    • Customer Sponsor Satisfaction & Feedback Survey
    • Final Project Status Report
    • Lessons Learned
    • Project Closeout Report
  • Module 10 – Project Worksheets

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for:

  • Project managers
  • Subproject leaders
  • Project team members
  • Project stakeholders

Essential Skills for Managing Projects includes a participant workbook and a copy of the PMI's and The Griffin Tate Group's best-selling book, The Project Management Memory Jogger™, second edition.