Leadership Skills

Mastering Negotiations

About the Workshop

Negotiations are an integral part of project and program management. They take place throughout the process, impacting the degree of success or failure. An expanded version of GTG's one-day course, Structuring Successful Negotiations, this course delves into the added dimensions of negotiations that drive win-win outcomes.

The course is designed to give participants comprehensive instruction on how to prepare for a negotiation, how to recognize and ward off negative tactics, how to account for the individual styles and attitudes that can impact the final outcome of any negotiation, and how to operate within an environment of trust before, during and after the negotiation process. Attendees will drill down on four key areas: analyzing situations, determining your BATNA, adequately preparing all aspects of the negotiation meeting, and critical actions at each stage of the negotiation process.

Participants gain an in-depth understanding of how to expand fundamental negotiation tactics into a personal, principled negotiation process. They will learn how to negotiate on a more advanced level by employing in-depth, principled negotiation strategies. Each step of the course is enhanced with interactive learning to reinforce key concepts by applying them in a real-world context.

"Mastering Negotiations: Advanced Strategies and Techniques" is led by certified GTG expert instructors, and includes a participant workbook and supplemental material.

This course will address the following areas

  • The four steps of every negotiation
    - Analyzing the situation
    - Determining / developing your BATNA
    - Planning negotiation meetings
    - The Negotiation (before, during, after)
  • Virtual negotiation

You will learn how to

  • Effectively work toward win-win solutions
  • Recognize when to negotiate
  • Negotiate from a principled point of view
  • Better understand cultural differences and diverse thinking styles
  • Develop your BATNA, understand its significance, and speculate on others
  • Differentiate negotiation personalities
  • Recognize and neutralize negative negotiation tactics
  • Be SMART when defining acceptance criteria

Who should attend?

  • Executives and senior management
  • Project managers
  • Project team leaders
  • Team stakeholders
  • Project sponsors
  • Purchasing managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Labor negotiators