Leadership Skills

High-Performance Presentations: Getting to the Point

About the Workshop

Presentations are a critical component of the project management process and a necessity in so many other areas of business. Having a compelling purpose is not enough to win over an audience. This one-day course focuses on building presentations to get the outcomes you want. It teaches the key components of structuring a powerful, focused message – from the preparation stage through to delivery.

Participants will learn effective steps on the preparation front, including defining a purpose, getting to know the audience, and what type of presentation they should choose to attain their desired results. The course tackles organization challenges at the preparation, development and delivery stages. It drills down on creating outline forms, slide layouts and utilizing visual aids. Each stage of the course is enhanced with interactive learning to reinforce key concepts.

"High-Performance Presentations: Getting to the Point" is led by certified GTG expert instructors, and includes a participant workbook.

This course will address the following areas

  • Effective presentation steps
    - Identifying and understanding your purpose and audience
    - Presentation types
  • Presentation preparation
    - Organizing your presentation
    - Incorporating supporting information
  • Presentation development
    - Slide layout and development
    - Using visual aids
  • Preparing for and delivering an effective presentation

You will learn how to

  • Get to the point and succinctly state your purpose
  • Clearly define and understand your end goal
  • Assess or analyze your key audiences
  • Select the most effective presentation type to achieve your objectives
  • Effectively prepare and outline your needs up front
  • Expedite the process of gathering supporting information
  • Structure slides to best deliver your message
  • Develop slides that are clear and concise and accurately convey your message
  • Use visual aids

Who should attend?

  • Professionals
  • Project managers
  • Project leaders
  • Project sponsors
  • Project team members
  • Anyone who wants to deliver more impactful presentations