Leadership Skills

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

About the Workshop

Understanding diverse cultures is an essential capability in today's global workplace, where people from different countries, generations and backgrounds must communicate effectively and work together to keep projects on track. Cross-cultural collaboration is the end product of learning how to manage differences to maximize team performance. It begins by understanding how cultural values, norms and behaviors can impact teamwork.
This half-day program introduces participants to aspects of managing and working with cross-cultural teams. It explains the problems that arise when there is a lack of cultural awareness, and introduces exercises and proven techniques to avoid the common pitfalls that negatively impact culturally diverse projects. Participants will learn where cultural differences typically surface, and gain a solid understanding of how to leverage diversity to improve and enhance multicultural teamwork.

"Cross-Cultural Collaboration" is led by certified GTG expert instructors, and includes a participant workbook.

This course will address the following areas

  • Cultural norms
  • Cultural values
  • Cultural differences
  • Project problems that arise from cultural differences
  • Cultural research/research resources
  • Team contracts and ground rules
  • Pathway to team integration

You will learn how to

  • Identify and understand the behaviors, values and differences of other cultures
  • Leverage your understanding of cultural differences to communicate more effectively
  • Build mutual trust and understanding among cross-cultural teams
  • Identify and maximize the benefits of culturally diverse teams
  • Foster a high level of focused participation during meetings

Who should Attend?

  • Professionals charged with global initiatives
  • Project managers and leaders of international teams and/or multicultural teams
  • Project team members charged with collaborating across cultures