Advanced Skills

Emotional Intelligence and Success

Workshop Description

According to experts Emotional intelligence (EI) impacts your ability to succeed in all aspects of life. In a climate where project teams face unprecedented pressure to accomplish more with less, EI is an absolutely essential component of strong project leadership. Without the ability to motivate and engage team members, even the most practiced and detail-minded leader will fail. This all-day, interactive course covers the EI essentials – introducing key concepts, leadership styles, the role of EI in effective leadership, the four domains of EI and related competencies, and exercises for building EI.

Course Goal

Participants will learn how to obtain the support of project sponsors, management and the commitment of project team members.


  • Understand the elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Define emotional intelligence, domains and competencies
  • Recognize thinking styles
  • Use communication skills to strengthen and improve your E.I. competencies
  • Recognize an amygdale highjack and how to mitigate the effects
  • Perform a self-evaluation of your Emotional Intelligence and develop a personal action plan

Course Outline

Module i - Introduction
Module 1 - Understanding Thinking Styles
Module 2 - Overview of Emotional Intelligence
Module 3 - Emotional Intelligence Domains and Competencies
Module 4 - Emotional Intelligence Skills
Module 5 - Emotional Intelligence Self Assessments & Personal Action Plan

Who should attend:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Team Members
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Project Sponsors