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Our podcast library features selections from experts in the discipline.TGTG provides interested parties in the most up-to-date Project Management tools, techniques and ideas in the industry.

Pamela GladwellPamela Gladwell brings the voice of experience to her podcasts on change management. With over 20 years of proven success applying world-class management methodologies for GE Corporate Global Infrastructure Solutions as a Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Leader, for GE Aircraft Engines, GE-Capital Consumer Financial Services, AT&T Global Information Solutions, and for NCR; her insights reflect an uncommon depth of knowledge.



PodcastProject Success Series: Leading Rapid Change   Listen Now...

Change is occurring faster today than during any other time in history. It is a significant factor in business and essential for progress. In less than 30 minutes, this podcast will outline the factors surrounding the need for accelerated change processes and what this means for project managers. Identifying shared needs, developing commitment and a shared vision, and cultivating soft skills are among the topics covered.

This podcast's high-value content is presented by Pamela Gladwell – developer of the Griffin Tate Group's new online course "Leading Rapid Change." She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 20 years of experience driving successful, effective change of all sizes across multiple businesses.

PodcastExpert Insight Series: Change Management Q&A   Listen Now...

An ideal download for your next commute or workout, this 10-minute interview with change management expert Pamela Gladwell touches on key challenges and trends. (It originally appeared as a two-part Q&A in our free monthly newsletter, the GTG Knowledge Boost.)

As the developer of the Griffin Tate Group's new online course "Leading Rapid Change," Pamela is adept at transferring her 20+ years of experiences and project successes into tips and best practices for the real world. Be aware of project pitfalls and discover what trends are shaping the change landscape in 2009.