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Step by Step Approach to Risk Assessment

This book presents risk assessment methodology in basic and intermediate formats that is directly transferrable to your project planning process.

The Team Memory Jogger

This book contains guidelines for increasing project team performance, including: resolving conflicts, agreeing on ground rules, conducting productive meetings and much more.

The Creativity Tools Memory Jogger

Stretch your organization’s creative thinking and develop innovative solutions for today’s business problems with the 14 high-value tools provided in this practical guide.

Getting Started in Project Management

A step-by-step guide to help you manage and execute any project - whether it’s an international initiative for a Fortune 500 company or a small-scale effort.

The Advanced Project Management Memory Jogger

Complementing our leading resource, the Project Management Memory Jogger™, this book focuses on advanced project management and leadership skills.

The Black Belt Memory Jogger

Help your Black Belts become teachers, mentors and leaders with this tool for Six Sigma success. This resource details and clarifies Six Sigma concepts and tools.

The Risk Management Memory Jogger

How do you deal with risk? Risk is your work, home, and an ever-present factor in new ventures, financial investments, work projects, and all types of events.

The Action Pack Combo

37 PMMJ Templates + 11 APPMJ Templates

The Action Pack Combo provides 48 project management templates that support the proven processes outlined in our training.

PMMJ Action Pack

37 PMMJ Templates

The PMMJ Action Pack provides 37 high-value project management templates outlinedin the Project Management Memory Jogger.

The Software Requirements Memory Jogger

Develop and manage precise software requirements provides tools and techniques to foster effective communication between business and technical teams.

Project Management Memory Jogger, 2nd Edition

This second edition retains the essential features that made the first edition so popular.

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Project Management Course

As a comprehensive resource, this book synthesizes and organizes current knowledge and material.

Six Sigma Memory Jogger II

This valuable pocket guide opens your team members' minds to the power of Six Sigma to close the value gap between you and your competitors. Text is enriched with diagrams, charts, and tables.

The Memory Jogger II

This pocket guide offers tools for making sound decisions and continuous improvements by: organizing/mapping/prioritizing ideas, increasing focus and productivity, and more.

7 Keys to Executive Leadership in Project Management

This executive guide provides the insight you need to reduce time-to-market, move-up the Capability Maturity Model, and drive project results for greater success.

Perfect Phrases for Project Management

A tool to help you define objectives, understand processes and communicate to team members with clarity to ensure that every project is completed on time and on budget.

The Complete Action Pack

37 PMMJ Templates + 11 APPMJ Templates + 9 Risk Assessment Templates

The Complete Action Pack includes all 57 templates for any PM or Risk related activity.

The Problem Solving Memory Jogger 2nd Edition

This pocket guide shows readers how to use the Memory Jogger II quality improvement tools in a problem-solving context, and recommends the appropriate tools for each stage.